Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Take Action: Nuclear Bombs Can Save the Budget Mess

CLICK TO TAKE ACTION: Nuclear Bombs Can Save the Budget Mess

The federal budget problems are creating an opportunity to finally get our political leaders, from both sides of the aisle, to trim wasteful spending from the Pentagon budget.

As former Reagan assistant Secretary of Defense Lawrence Korb points out in a new report, with the budget vise tightening, more politicians are realizing that they may have no choice but to cut stuff like nuclear bombs and Cold War fighter jets from the budget, saving tens of billions of dollars to reduce cuts in programs that we care about.

But they need to hear from us.

In his report, Korb identifies $60 billion in funds that could be trimmed from the defense budget - without hurting America' s ability to fight the Iraq War or defend against terrorists in any way. Korb's proposed cuts include: Cold War weapons programs ($26 billion), "Star Wars" missile defense ($7 billion), nuclear weapons ($13 billion), armed forces structure changes ($9 billion), and streamlining bureaucracy ($5 billion).

True Majority has made it easy for you to take action and urge your representative to trim wasteful Pentagon spending and use the savings for state and local priorities. Just CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE.

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