Thursday, October 27, 2005

Who Am I? Why won't I reveal my identity?

The current political climate is one that relies on personal smear tactics and media manipulations to win elections. In the midst of all this sleaze, a candidate's message is lost. It's not necessarily that views are not being expressed, it is that they are not being heard above the sleaze fray.

Another unfortunate fact of our current political process, ever since JFK and Chamelot, is that the amount of "charisma" a candidate exhibits can be the deciding factor over whether or not he is eventually elected. How else did we end up with Arnold "I'll be back" as Governor of California? Or Sonny Bono as a mayor? Or, frankly, Ronald Reagan as a president?

Because I don't believe candidates should be elected on the basis of their good looks or charm--or lack thereof--both of which serve to distract from their message, I choose to keep myself invisible for the time being. The only way I can be judged is by the value of my words and the quality of my beliefs. And that is how it should be.

Politics should be about real, not manufactured, issues: solving the kinds of real problems that are preventing this country from being the great democracy it should be. Rather, certain political factions want to distract you from those very real problems by manipulating you into paying attention to the unimportant, manufactured ones. Since 9/11, "fear" has been their most effective tactic to distract you from what is really going on. Frankly, things have gotten so bad, who can believe anything one hears from government officials anymore? They have lied to us so often, cried 'wolf' so many times, we have learned to ignore them. God forbid there should be a REAL terror attack in this country. No one, at this point, would take the warnings -- if given -- seriously.

In an effort to change the political climate, I will become more vocal as the election approaches. I will withhold my identity for as long as possible, in order to keep the focus on the issues and off political superficialities. In the meantime, a clue: I'm no different than you. I am frustrated by what has (and has not) been happening in Washington and by our government's inability to solve our problems and be responsive to our needs. We need: Universal Health Care. Quality education for all. Environmental protection. Protection of our privacy and civil rights. A fair tax code. A foreign policy that promotes peaceful coexistence with the rest of the world instead of illegal wars in the name of peace. And on and on...

I invite you to tell me YOUR needs. Tell me what YOU think. Give me YOUR ideas. What are YOUR priorites? Health Care? The War in Iraq? Post your comments. I WILL read and consider every one. Together we will create a campaign of the people, for the people and by the people...which is what our government is supposed to be all about. POST YOUR COMMENTS. AND STAY TUNED...


Anonymous said...

Hello Unknown-
Thank you for your interesting postings.

The Unknown Candidate said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for taking the time to read them.


Mary, in Texas, said...

Thank you for what you are doing!
For my part, here are some thoughts:
Don't list health care first. Saving our environment and thus our planet, and saving our fiscally bankrupt nation, are more urgent and important. Our fouling of our nest is approaching a fatal tipping point. Bin Laden is nearing his goal of defeating our country by bankrupting us.
I fear the nightmare time, when we will look back on these days in disbelief, realizing that there was a time when we could have turned things around, and we let that time pass.

brenda said...

Unknown, your priorities for government happen to coincide with the Green Party platform. Greens are also pro-choice, I don't know if you are or not.

Have you considered standing as a candidate for the Green Party? There is a well-developed organization there to support candidates at the federal, state and municipal levels, which is a serious practical consideration.

You can find out more by going to

Best wishes, from one iconoclast to another!

The Unknown Candidate said...

Brenda, yes, I am most definitely pro-choice. As for party affiliation, for now, I choose to remain independent of all ties to organizations and money so that my views remain credibly my own, not influenced by lobby or party moolah.

That said, I share many, many views with the Green Party, and will seriously consider your suggestion for the future .


Declan from White Plains said...

Shot in the dark here,

You are not Pat Buchanan, who is the greatest commentator on MSNBC 's best show Morning Joe with Mika and Willy Geist and a cast of others.

Probably not, but I do enjoy your stuff.

PS I would never have voted for Pat but I do think he is a great commentator.