Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Padilla Is Indicted on Terrorism Charges

Padilla Is Indicted on Terrorism Charges - Washington Post

Number of Days U.S. Citizen Jose Padilla Has Been Jailed Without formal charges filed In Bush's Gulag 1293 = 3 Years and 198 Days.

Now, finally, charges are filed. And while they allege Padilla was part of a terrorism conspiracy, they do not include the government's earlier allegations that he planned to target the United States by using a radioactive dirty bomb and that he planned to blow up apartment buildings with natural gas.

My guess is that the only reason he is being charged now is in an attempt to avoid a Supreme Court showdown with Padilla's lawyers, who have filed suit over his unfair and unconstitutional treatment by the government. (Remember, he is a U.S. citizen--ANY one of us could be treated in a similar manner should the government decide to accuse us--falsely or not--of being a terrorist). No more constitutional protections for U.S. citizens, folks. This is the way fascism works, not democracy. And if you think Padilla will finally now get a fair trial ... well, I wouldn't hold my breath.

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