Tuesday, November 29, 2005

America, the Fascist State

It seems that every day, I read something that convinces me beyond a doubt that America is being sabotaged by a fascist regime headed by George W. Bush & Dick Cheney. It scares me down to my bones.

It's particularly disturbing when my European friends (who escaped Germany or Poland during World War II) are more atuned to the dangers of this government than their American-born counterparts. They lived through it, after all. Germany was a democracy when Hitler came to power. They watched as their country was taken over, like a slow growing cancer, by Hitler's fascism. What they see happening here, since Bush was appointed President, is far too similar for comfort--and they don't hesitate to express their dismay.

But most Americans still don't see it. You want to shake them and yell, "wake up! Before it's too late!" Unfortunately, they would probably write you off as a nut case.

Perhaps the following articles will help people to see what is happening to our country. I sincerely hope so. Because if we all don't wake up soon, it will be too late.

ABSOLUTE MUST READ: Bush's Fascist Valhalla������������ by Mike Whitney

"An alarmed Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore) said, 'We are deputizing the military to spy on law-abiding Americans in America. This is a huge leap without a congressional hearing'”.

Is this the first time that the naïve Wyden realized that the war on terror is actually directed at the American people?"

Whitney makes a prediction, based on goals and tactics of the Project for a New American Century, that you must read, if only because the terrifying scenario he paints could all too easily occur.
ABSOLUTELY MUST READ: Ridin' the Bus With Deborah� by Doris Colmes

Doris Colms relates an incident that happened to Deborah Davis, while Deborah was commuting on a bus in Denver, Colorado. Doris explains why this incident so terrorized and paniced her and why it caused her to mumble, "It’s happening again.”

"And just exactly what had Deborah done to get this emotionally detached old lady into such a replay of emotions left over from 1938 Nazi Germany? It was the gut-wrenching realization that the Nazi Police State in which [she] was raised has come back to roost – in the United States."
ABSOLUTELY MUST READ: Demonize to Colonize by Ramsey Clark

EXCERPTS: "...The debate about intelligence failures is itself a cover-up of the obvious. Saddam Hussein was demonized to justify regime change in Iraq. It rendered him an evil madman threatening the civilized world. He possessed weapons of mass destruction. He supported 9/11. He aided al-Qaeda. WMDs could be launched within minutes of his order. That Saddam Hussein would use them was clear. He used them “against his own people.” Ignored were the facts that under devastating attacks by the U.S. in 1991 and 2003, Iraq did not use any illegal weapons. In 1991, Iraq was the victim of 88,500 tons of explosives (almost seven Hiroshimas) delivered by the Pentagon in 42 days that destroyed its infrastructure: water systems, power, transportation, communications, manufacturing, commercial properties, housing, mosques, churches, synagogues. Food production, processing, storage, distribution, fertilizer and insecticide production, were targeted for destruction. Nearly 150,000 defenseless people were killed outright in Iraq. The U.S. claimed its casualties to be 156 — 1/3 from friendly fire, the remainder accidents.

Sanctions against Iraq from August 6, 1990, into 2003 took over 1,500,000 lives, the majority children under age five. By October 1986, 567,000 children under five were dead from sanctions according to a U.N. FAO report that month. One-fourth of the infants born alive in Iraq in 2002 weighed less than four pounds, a dangerously low and crippling birth weight — symbolic of the condition of the entire country.

During the high-tech terrorism of “Shock and Awe” in March and April 2003, Iraq never used any WMDs or other illegal weapon as some 25,000 of its defenseless people were killed....

"...Most important of all, any court that might consider charges against Saddam Hussein must also weigh charges against the United States, its officials and others acting in concert with them. If equal justice under law is to have any meaning, and equality is the mother of justice, power cannot confer impunity for commission of wars of aggression, the supreme international crime, or the plethora of other offenses the U.S. has committed against the people of Iraq."

MUST READ: The Formerly Great Writ - Goodbye, habeas corpus. Hello, executive detention. By Emily Bazelon

"Some lawmakers are determined to bend the courts to their will. If they really get their way, they'll eviscerate the centuries-old right of habeas corpus review as we know it--leaving all of us increasingly subject to the unilateral power of executive."

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