Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bush's Forgotten Failure: Corrupt Nation Building in Afhanistan

CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO: Following the Money in Afghanistan

Proof of rampant corruption in the rebuilding of Afghanistan:

"The U.S. government sought to build new schools and clinics that would help Afghanistan and encourage stability in the former Taliban stronghold. But the projects, which cost millions in taxpayer dollars, have run into widespread construction problems and complaints of corruption. Washington Post reporters Joe Stephens and David Ottaway talk about their investigative project and a surreptitious video that shows construction monitors demanding a $50,000 payoff from Afghan builders in exchange for positive reports on construction projects."

SEE ALSO: A Rebuilding Plan Full of Cracks by Joe Stephens and David B. Ottaway, Washington Post "After the routing of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Bush administration launched a $73 million program to construct schools and clinics. But design flaws and other problems soon plagued the effort."

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