Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Cindy Sheehan for Chief Negotiator in Iraq?

CLICK TO READ: U.S. Debate on Pullout Resonates As Troops Engage Sunnis in Talks by Ellen Knickmeyer, Jonathan Finer and Omar Fekeiki, Washington Post

This quote jumped out at me from the above article in the Washington Post:

"'The people of Fallujah love Cindy Sheehan,' declared Farouk Abd-Muhammed, a candidate for National Assembly in Dec. 15 elections, referring to the mother of a slain Marine who became a U.S. antiwar activist."

So I was thinking, why not let Cindy Sheehan negotiate with the "insurgents" in Iraq? She sure is a lot smarter that Bush. And a lot more believable. She already has the respect of the Iraqis and can certainly sympathize with their losses, given her own.

I motion that Cindy go to Iraq and start negotiating. Do I hear any seconds?

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