Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Exclusive: Cheney’s admissions to the CIA leak prosecutor and FBI

Murray Waas reports:
"Vice President Dick Cheney, according to a still-highly confidential FBI report, admitted to federal investigators that he rewrote talking points for the press in July 2003 that made it much more likely that the role of then-covert CIA-officer Valerie Plame in sending her husband on a CIA-sponsored mission to Africa would come to light.

Cheney conceded during his interview with federal investigators that in drawing attention to Plame’s role in arranging her husband’s Africa trip reporters might also unmask her role as CIA officer...."

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

If They Won't Impeach, Mail Your Sneaks

If Congress won't impeach him, the least we can do is send him our shoes.

Please visit progressive.org and Shoe Bush Away!

Two Cheers for Rod Blagojevich

Frank Rich | NYTimes.com:
"ROD BLAGOJEVICH is the perfect holiday treat for a country fighting off depression. He gift-wraps the ugliness of corruption in the mirthful garb of farce. From a safe distance outside Illinois, it’s hard not to laugh at the “culture of Chicago,” where even the president-elect’s Senate seat is just another commodity to be bought and sold.

But the entertainment is escapist only up to a point. What went down in the Land of Lincoln is just the reductio ad absurdum of an American era where both entitlement and corruption have been the calling cards of power. Blagojevich’s alleged crimes pale next to the larger scandals of Washington and Wall Street. Yet those who promoted and condoned the twin national catastrophes of reckless war in Iraq and reckless gambling in our markets have largely escaped the accountability that now seems to await the Chicago punk nabbed by the United States attorney, Patrick Fitzgerald...." Continue Reading.
Photo Credit: Frank Rich. (Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

������� It’s not about them…it’s about us

�������Why We Must Prosecute Bush And His Administration For War Crimes : Information Clearing House : Mike Ferner:
"...We are complicit in the horrors of this administration. We can claim neither ignorance nor innocence. We are complicit by the very fact that we are citizens of the United States, more so because we paid for the war, and even more so for this reason. Listen to a village sheik I met in Iraq describe it better than I ever could...."
More on this subject from Glen Greenwald:

� Senate report links Bush to detainee homicides; media yawns�������������
: Information Clearing House : Glen Greenwald
" ...The culpability which the Report assigns for these war crimes is vast in scope and unambiguous....


...Instead, TV pundits were consumed with righteous anger over the petty, titillating, sleazy Rod Blagojevich scandal, competing with one another over who could spew the most derision and scorn for this pitiful, lowly, broken individual and his brazen though relatively inconsequential crimes...."
And then there is this:

��������������� Cheney Admits Authorizing Detainee's Torture : Information Clearing House:
"Monday, outgoing Vice President Dick Cheney made a startling statement on a nation-wide, televised broadcast.

When asked by ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl whether he approved of interrogation tactics used against a so-called "high value prisoner" at the controversial Guantanamo Bay prison, Mr. Cheney, in a break from his history of being press-shy, admitted to giving official sanctioning of torture...."

Video is from ABC's World News, broadcast Dec. 15, 2008.