Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Price of Freedom

CLICK TO READ: The Price of Freedom by Timothy J. Freeman:

Tmothy Freeman's "The Price Of Freedom" philosophizes on our current "state of the union", the war in Iraq, freedom, war, neo-cons and more. The piece is compelling -- and quite an interesting read for philosophy fans of Thoreau, Nietzche, Locke, Kant and Hobbes.


"...Perhaps morality simply comes down to the choices that we make; and it is through those choices that we define ourselves. A nation, too, perhaps defines itself by its moral choices. Now with the curtain pulled back on the war in Iraq, the American people have a choice. We can continue to be blinded by the Bush Administration’s campaign of deception and manipulation of our fear, and thus allow the neo-con power play to turn the United States into a rogue nation and the world into a lawless Hobbesian state of nature. If we do, however, the future promises to be plagued by constant wars and a never ending problem of terrorism – and the life of mankind will be nasty, brutish, and short.

We can, on the other hand, rededicate ourselves to striving to become a just nation, a responsible member of a federation of nations truly committed to peace and respect for human rights. When we have truly renounced wars of aggression perhaps one day we may once again by a light to all nations...."

"...America is only an experiment in democracy, and it must always remain thus. We can never take for granted that it has already been a mission accomplished.

If the people do not have the capacity or the courage for the examined life, then there will always be the problem of the tyranny of the majority. Those who have taken our freedom for granted and have not dared to question authority and think for themselves, those who allowed this nation to be led blindly over the cliff and into the abyss of this unnecessary and unjust war, have not paid the price of freedom."

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