Monday, November 28, 2005

Medicaid Cutbacks Divide Democrats

CLICK TO READ: Medicaid Cutbacks Divide Democrats by Jonathan Weisman, The Washington Post

"Controversial House legislation designed to gain control of Medicaid growth has split Democrats, with lawmakers in Washington united in their opposition while Democratic governors are quietly supporting the provisions and questioning the party's reflexive denunciations...."

Typical of the Democrats: Can't get together for a cohesive position in support of those in need. So while the State Dems argue for "pragmatism" and the Fed Dems pontificate to make political points against the Republicans, the people who desperately need medicaid are caught in the middle and will be (pardon my French) screwed no matter how it turns out. It's politics as usual in Washington: what's important to Americans is not their concern.


Blue Cross of California said...

Medicaid is a great form of health insurance for many individuals and there is no way it should be cut off as health coverage is a major importance to many.

The Unknown Candidate said...

Welcome back, Blue. You and I are on the same page, Blue Cross. We need to light a fire under the Democrats on these issues. A new poll just came out showing the majority of women place health care concerns at the top of their list--that should help. Let's hope so.

Peace, TUC