Monday, November 28, 2005

Bush Game on Padilla May Backfire

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Marjorie Cohn writes that once again, at the 11th hour, the Bush administration has pulled its punches in the case of Jose Padilla. Using an approach that more closely resembles a game of chess than a system of justice, Team Bush has altered its strategy, while seeking to keep all options open. Its fancy footwork, however, may ultimately backfire.


CLICK TO READ: Belated Justice for a Terrorist - Washington Post

Another American citizen accused of terrorism, but given due process:

"Mr. Abu Ali, an American citizen, was arrested at the Saudi university at which he was studying...charged...with plotting to kill President Bush and conduct major terrorist operations."

Despite the Bush administration's emphasis on the difficulty of trying terrorism cases in federal court, Mr. Abu Ali's case "illustrates the benefits of proceeding whenever possible under the existing criminal justice system. At the end of a trial under the auspices of a conscientious judge, it's hard to see him as a victim of any particular civil liberties abuse at the hands of his own government. Rather, there is now a lengthy public record justifying his imprisonment."

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