Friday, November 25, 2005

How Bush Can Redeem himself, his Party, and the Country

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In my humble opinion, all the maneuvering, strategizing, and new speechs designed to turn around the sinking ship that is George W. Bush and Company are doomed to failure. As I see it, the tragic flaw that will be responsible for the Bush administrations' ultimate downfall is best represented here:

"One White House official, who was willing to talk candidly about internal strategy only without being identified by name, acknowledged that 'those numbers are troubling' in recent polls, but expressed confidence that they will recover because the public fundamentally regards Bush as 'a person of honesty and integrity.'"

The American people see Bush as a person on honesty and integrity? Riggghhhht. Did they not just acknowledge that the polls show otherwise?

George Bush is, in fact, doomed by his own philosophy. As long as he continues to believe that he creates his own reality, i.e., whatever he says becomes reality regardless of the truth, he will continue to sink in the polls. If you are no longer credible, if people no longer trust you, then whatever you say is NOT believed and is therefore NOT reality. Sorry, George, game's up.

Here's my advice to you, George: The only way, in my opinion, to prevent your legacy from being 'the number one worst president in American history' is this:

1. Fess up. Tell the truth. Admit your lies. Take responsibility for everything you have so badly messed up.
2. Announce that you've had an epiphany and want to reform your ways.
3. Denounce all the neo-cons and their fascist agenda and all the right wing fanatics and their agenda.
4. Fire all the neo-cons and right wing fanatics in your administration.
5. Admit that you completely blew it, were and still are incompetent and unable to govern the country.
6. Tell the county that since you stole the 2000 election from Al Gore and the 2004 election from John Kerry, there should be a new election for president held immediately between those two candidates and may the best man win.
7. Resign effective immediately following the election, go back to Texas and retire to your ranch--never to be seen or heard from again. (Unless, that is, you would like to make friends with Jimmy Carter and get involved in some of his worthwhile charitable endeavors like Habitat for Humanity or the like--if you do that, we would welcome you back into the American fold, as we are intrinsically a forgiving bunch.)

If you did those seven things, Mr. Bush, you would immediately restore your credibility and go down in history as a guy who recognized when he was over his head and had the wisdom to admit it -- and for the good of the country -- leave the job to someone more capable, more ethical, and more in keeping with democracy as we once knew it.

And all of you Republican politicians out there--you would now be in a position to follow your heart and act in the interests of your constituents without any political pressure from the White House to vote against your conscience. Think of it. A fresh start. A call for unity. No Bush baggage in the coming elections. A chance to make government really work for the people again and for the Republican party to redeem itself.

Am I just wishful thinking? Dreaming? Am I living in a fantasy world? Could be. It all depends on whether Bush decides to "get real" (as Dr. Phil would say)--or not .

PHOTO: President Bush wishes U.S. troops in Iraq a happy Thanksgiving from his ranch in Crawford, Tex. (By Eric Draper)

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