Thursday, November 24, 2005

Will the US Seize the Opening for Troop Withdrawal?

CLICK TO READ: t r u t h o u t - Ray McGovern | Will the US Seize the Opening for Troop Withdrawal?

THE UNKNOWN CANDIDATE: Could it be that the real reason we don't want to leave Iraq has nothing to do with spreading democracy or freedom and more to do with making sure we get our spoils?

"The surprising degree of consensus reached by the main Iraqi factions at the Arab League-orchestrated Reconciliation Conference in Cairo last weekend sharply undercuts the unilateral, guns-and-puppets approach of the Bush administration to the deteriorating situation in Iraq. The common demand by Shia and Kurds as well as Sunnis for a timetable for withdrawal of occupation forces demolishes the administration's argument that setting such a timetable would be a huge mistake. Who would know better - the Iraqis or the ideologues advising Bush?"

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