Monday, November 21, 2005

Murtha Fallout

I don't know about you, but I think Time Magazine 'Man of the Year' ought to go to John Murtha -- hands down. In a few short days, the entire political mood in this country has errupted. I hesitate to say it, but It feels as though we've finally, finally turned the corner on the war. Yesterday, the administration -- Cheney, Rummy, et. al. stridently resorted to their usual "smear" and "deny and lie" tactics. But it didn't work. Nobody believes them. They just make people angrier every time they tell another lie.

So today, they quickly switched gears: the media was drowning in respectful, politically correct criticisms from republicans and administration officials of Murtha's VIEWS, while almost lauding Murtha the military man. Even the most viscious of the neo-con talking heads and administration officials were today suddenly genteel and almost fearful in choosing their words. Wow. All because Murtha had the guts to go public with the truth.

And now, suddenly, one by one, politicians--of both parties--are backing Murtha's position. Too politically frightened to state the obvious until they were CERTAIN the tides had changed, now they can't "come out" fast enough to please their constituents. (Shows you how many politicians actually follow their conscience and do the right thing just because it IS the right thing -- instead of because it's politically expedient -- few to none.)

One never knows what tomorrow will bring, but for now I'm basking in the fallout of Murtha's speech. Just take a look at what's happening so far:

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