Tuesday, November 29, 2005

US Military Admits It Burned Bodies - New York Times

CLICK TO READ: US Military Admits It Burned Bodies - New York Times

"The US military admitted on Saturday that its soldiers in Afghanistan had burned the bodies of two dead Taliban guerrillas and taunted insurgents about it, claiming the desecration was for 'hygienic reasons'."

Now isn't this a great strategy to win "hearts and minds" of fair-minded people all over the world? Doesn't this just make you tingle all over knowing you, as a United States citizen, are a part of this wonderfully abhorent policy of pre-emptive war, brutal force, and destruction?

Funny, the President didn't mention his new and improved policies of limitless detention and torture in his speech this morning and how he strategically thinks these gulag war tactics will help bring "democracy" and "freedom" to Iraq.

If I were an Iraqi, I'd tell him to take his democracy and freedom and get the H___ out of my country. Of course, we know that the Iraqi's have already done so. He conveniently forgot to include THAT little piece of information in his propaganda-speech-of-the-day.

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