Monday, November 28, 2005

Sudan: A Tolerable Genocide

CLICK TO READ: t r u t h o u t - Nicholas D. Kristof | A Tolerable Genocide (NY Times)

KRISTOF: "Nyala, Sudan - Who would have thought that a genocide could become worse? But after two years of heartbreaking slaughter, rape and mayhem, the situation in Darfur is now spiraling downward....

What will happen if the situation continues to deteriorate sharply and aid groups pull out? The U.N. has estimated that the death toll could then rise to 100,000 a month....

This downward spiral has happened because for more than two years, the international community has treated this as a tolerable genocide. In my next column, my last from Darfur, I'll outline the steps we need to take. But the essential starting point is outrage: a recognition that countering genocide must be a global priority.....

Congress has...facilitated the genocide by lately cutting all funds for the African Union peacekeepers in Darfur; we urgently need to persuade Congress to restore that money.

So what will it take? Will President Bush and other leaders discover some backbone if the killing spreads to Chad and the death toll reaches 500,000? One million? God forbid, two million?"

How much genocide is too much?

THE UNKNOWN CANDIDATE: The hypocracy of the Bush administration could not be more blatant. Is this compassionate conservativism? If this is compassionate, what is dispassionate? And what about us? Do WE care enough to demand that congress do something about this situation? The power is in your hands, people. But you have to use it. Call your congressmen, write letters to the editor, and don't stop until they hear you.

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