Sunday, November 06, 2005

Flying Blind - Newsweek National News -

CLICK TO READ: Flying Blind - By Howard Fineman and Richard Wolffe, Newsweek National News -

"Dark days: Singed by the special prosecutor and rattled by the Harriet Miers mess, Team Bush is in turmoil."

Another interpretation of the "mood" inside the White House. According to this one, Cheney is exerting little to no influence on George W. these days. It is now Condi who is master of George's ear. And George, according to the article, has gained new confidence in his decision making abilities and is driving forcefully forward with his agenda. Somehow, folks, I find all of this really, really hard to believe.

As for Rove, according to the article's source, an aide, "some insiders believed that he had 'behaved, if not criminally, then certainly unethically.'" Weee-ooooo! Ain't that the understatement of the century!

The article also has some interesting views on where Fitzgerald's probe is heading. If Fitzgerald is keeping the second part of his investigation as close to the vest as the first part, all of this conjecture is probably just that--conjecture. But it's fun to read.

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