Monday, November 07, 2005 - Alan Greenspan, Egalitarian?

CLICK TO READ: - Alan Greenspan, Egalitarian? By Sam Pizzigati:

PIZZIGATI: "Alan Greenspan, the darling of bond traders everywhere, actually worries about inequality, strange as that may seem. And Greenspan, the Fed chair who has presided over the greatest concentration of wealth in American history, has been articulating these worries for more than a decade, particularly over recent months.

But no one in Washington's power circles appears to have listened....

Forty-four years ago, no one in these circles listened to President Dwight D. Eisenhower either, in his final months in office, when he warned against “the military-industrial complex.” The nation ignored the former general, a most unlikely crusader against militarism, and paid a huge price.

Will the nation now ignore the alarm bells on inequality from Alan Greenspan, America's most unlikely egalitarian?

If we do ignore inequality, Greenspan himself believes we will pay a high price."

THE UNKNOWN CANDIDATE: Very interesting take on the dangers of weath inequality to our democracy. I find it mind boggling that it would be difficult to make this into a compelling campaign issue to the vast majority of Americans in that, as the have-lesses, they have an obvious interest in more equitably distributing wealth. Making the case to the have-mores is a bit trickier in that it means they must temper their ever growing greed for more.

I found the article quite enlightening. I think you will as well.

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