Friday, November 04, 2005

Youths in Rural U.S. Are Drawn To Military

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"Recruits' Job Worries Outweigh War Fears
By Ann Scott Tyson
Washington Post Staff Writer

"As sustained combat in Iraq makes it harder than ever to fill the ranks of the all-volunteer force, newly released Pentagon demographic data show that the military is leaning heavily for recruits on economically depressed, rural areas where youths' need for jobs may outweigh the risks of going to war."

The lower middle class and poor continue to bear the brunt of this war and make the largest sacrifices. Who in Washington is standing up for them? Is your Senator? Congressman? And what about us? Do we just turn the other cheek, secretly thinking, "better them than

This is America, folks. At least it is SUPPOSED to be America. Sure doesn't sound very "American" to me. But what can you do? Call and write your representatives and urge them to fight unfair military recruitment practices and start recruiting those who sacrifice nothing and profit from this war on the backs of our most vulnerable. Yeah, I know, dream on.

But, seriously, if we are vocal on issues, if we make our will known to our representatives and the press (write those letters to the editor), and if we do it in great enough numbers -- they will pay attention. If not, well...status quo, anyone?
--The Unknown Candidate

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