Sunday, November 06, 2005

When Courage Fails

CLICK TO READ: When Courage Fails Us by Charles Sullivan, Information Clearing House:

SULLIVAN: "The death of civil rights activist Rosa Parks has caused me to think about courage and the apparent paucity of it today among so many.
Had enough of us freed ourselves from our fears and allowed courage to bubble to the surface, more than a hundred thousand Iraqi people; more than two thousand American soldiers would be alive today. Their dreams and hopes would be alive too. A heavily medicated George Bush and his cronies in the evil empire would be serving the remainder of their miserable lives in prison. The world would be a better, safer, and more beautiful place. "

THE UNKNOWN CANDIDATE: Another insightful piece on the quiet courage of Rosa Parks and the screaming absense of that kind of courage today--Cindy Sheehan excepted.

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