Friday, November 04, 2005 - The Family Values Sideshow

CLICK TO READ: - The Family Values Sideshow by E. J. Graff:

E.J. Graff, a Brandeis Women's Studies Research Center resident scholar, most recently collaborated on Evelyn Murphy's book Getting Even: Why Women Still Don't Get Paid Like Men--And What To Do About It.

Graff: "When did lying become a family value? Maybe it's naive of me to be shocked, but honestly: The family values folks lie. And you should pay attention to exactly how they lie, because any minute now they'll be bringing their campaigns to your state."

The Unknown Candidate: It's back in the news! A favorite Republican wedge issue that is cynically designed to deprive an entire segment of the American population of their constitutionally protected equal rights. That is until someone like Alito sits on the Supreme Court. In which case, it looks like we can all pretty much kiss away our constitutionally protected equal rights.

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