Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ken Lay--Guilty. George Bush--Guilty.

John Nichols of The Nation asks:
"Now that Kenneth Lay, the man who paid the bills for George W. Bush's political ascent, has been convicted, with Jeffrey Skilling, of multiple counts of fraud, isn't it time for President Bush to end the fraud of claiming that he was ever anything less than a political partner of Lay and the Enron team?"
Good question, no?

Photo credit: John Nichols. (Michael Lorenzini)

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  • George W. Bush and Kenneth Lay
    Jason Leopold reports that with Thursday's guilty verdicts against Lay and Skilling on numerous counts of accounting fraud, conspiracy, and dozens of other charges, perhaps Enron should be remembered as - in addition to a symbol of greed - the first in what has become a long list of scandals that can be directly linked to the White House.

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