Monday, June 12, 2006

Will Your NEXT vote count?

Bob Herbert warns, "The lesson out of Ohio on Election Day 2004 is that the integrity of the election process needs to be more fiercely defended in the face of outrageous Republican assaults. Democrats, the media and ordinary voters need to fight back."

That is perhaps the understatement of the century.

Our democracy literally depends on fair elections. All indications are that the last two Presidential elections were stolen. The will of the people was subverted by those currently in power.

Those same people have taken us into a war based on lies, ignored almost all of our real concerns, and continued to govern by lies and secrecy. Our Constitutional rights have been, and continue to be, subverted.

Will our fate be like that of the Germans who turned their heads in denial as Hitler turned their nation into anything but the democracy he was elected to serve?

I have been harping on reforms to insure fair elections since the fiasco in Florida cost Gore his rightful Presidency.

Does no one care anymore? Democrats or Republicans? Wake up, people.

Otherwise, get used to living under totalitarian rule, and kiss your Constitution goodbye.

Those Pesky Voters
By Bob Herbert
The New York Times
Photo credit: Bob Herbert. (The New York Times)
Non-TimesSelect subscribers can read a reprint of Herbert's "Those Pesky Voters" here. (Thanks to the Wealthy Frenchman for the reprint).

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