Tuesday, June 20, 2006

See "The Dark Side' of Dick--Tonight

Tonight on PBS's "FRONTLINE", we can all take a peek at "The Dark Side" of The Big Dick and his efforts "to gain control on the war on terror after 9/11" purportedly by compromising "the integrity of America's intelligence system."

Sam Allis, of the Boston Globe writes
"The Dark Side" is riveting television, heavily reported, that exemplifies what "Frontline" does best: go inside a major story and give us context. The title is a ripe double-entendre that applies both to Cheney and the turf on which the war against terrorists is fought. "We have to work the dark side, if you will," we hear Cheney say. "Spend time in the shadows of the intelligence world."

To many, Cheney is the dark side of the Bush administration, and this program will only cement that judgment. "Frontline" chronicles the brutal campaign by two consummate political in-fighters -- Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld -- to decimate the CIA, politically emasculate Secretary of State Colin Powell, and construct a near-limitless concept of executive power during war. While many of these strands are familiar, they have not been assembled as effectively before on television to present a coherent picture of what happened after 9/11.
Don't miss this one. (Thanks once again to Rimone at D A T E L I N E : B R I S T O L).

NOTE: "The Dark Side" will be available to watch online in the near future at FRONTLINE: the dark side | PBS.

Photo credit: In July 2003, United States Vice President Dick Cheney stands outside the Oval Office as he listens to President George W. Bush speak about Iraq in the Rose Garden at the White House. Credit: © Brooks Kraft/Corbis (PBS.org)



REB 84 said...

Making the World Safe for Hypocrisy

Why are we in Iraq? First we were told it was because Saddam had WMD and we could expect mushroom clouds over American cities if he were allowed to stay in power; then the goal was getting rid of a brutal dictator who gassed his own people and by the way has a "blood feud" with America; the latest rationale is that we are bringing democracy to a troubled part of the world.

The rad-con democracy domino theory is that Iraq will become a shining example of representative democracy in the Middle East that all its neighbors will desire to emulate. Yet, despite a couple of elections; this utopia seems further away than ever.

Meanwhile, back here in the USA, the Bush administration is quietly choking off funding to the primary organizations that are actually training Iraqis on how to set up and run democratic political parties, elections, and governments. Is this hypocrisy?

"The commitment to what the president of the United States will say every single day of the week is his number one priority in Iraq, when it's translated into action, looks very tiny," said Les Campbell, who runs programs in the Middle East for the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, known as NDI.(see link to story in title) Apparently, there has been no response to these reports from the White House.

It appears that military and security spending is cutting back the only legitimate pro-democracy efforts America is conducting in Iraq. This is just the latest example of the Bush administration's failure to put the money where its mouth is. If we really want to know what politicians value, we need to find out what programs they fund and which they cut.


posted by REB 84 at 4/06/2006

The Unknown Candidate said...

REB 84, thanks for the excellent post, info and links.

rimone said...

what TUC said, REB 84. as well, i'm waiting for 'the dark side' to be shown over here as they do so frequently w/PBS. (or put online, whichever comes first; the site says it'll be posted up on thursday.)

The Unknown Candidate said...

Watched it last night, Rimone. It's excellent. They trace the Cheney-Rummy "power quest" from Nixon to present day, and it's quite effective. Lots and lots of people need to see this.

On the PBS/Frontline website, you can also find additional footage, interviews, etc. that were not included in the documentary. I'm looking forward to exploring it.