Thursday, June 08, 2006

Jon Stewart Creams Bill Bennett

This is how an interview ought to be conducted.

Watch John Stewart interviewing Bill Bennett on The Daily Show.

From Crooks and Liars:
I think for most of us-we're so used to these right wing talking heads debating against lame duck liberals on television that always get bull dozed by personalities such as Bennett; we are then amazed how effortlessly Stewart handles these guys. Jon always boils the debate down to it's simplest form which usually causes people like Bennett to look foolish. It doesn't say much for the class of pundits representing Democratic values when Stewart so easily defeats them.


rimone said...

i saw this the other night (we get the stripped down 1/2 hour 'global edition'); JS was fucking great.

if only real pols would take a leaf out of his book or whatever.

The Unknown Candidate said...

It's friggin' unbelievable that a comedian does a better job--a superb job, at that-- at delivering relevant news than our so-called journalists. And the puppet-head politocos--they're just plain pitiful.