Sunday, June 04, 2006

Educating Davey

David Brooks' criticisms of California's Proposition 82 are obviously biased by his disdain for liberals, as evidenced by the snarky first sentence of his NY Times op ed:
If you want to relive the tragedy of American liberalism, take a gander toward California, where voters will decide Tuesday on Proposition 82, which would create a universal preschool program for the state's 4-year-olds.
Despite a few valid points, Brooksie's standard over-simplifications undermine his argument and solutions.

I invite reactions from Californians and others with an interest in solving the educational problems in our country.

California & Prop. 82 aside, as those who read this blog well know, I believe our entire educational system--from top to bottom, from pre-school to higher education--needs a truly visionary overhaul in terms of accessibility, affordability, quality of teaching, methods of teaching, teacher pay, tenure, curriculum, and the very objectives of education (i.e., to prepare children for the work force and/or to teach children to think critically and inspire a love of learning)--for starters.

I tire of pat, piecemeal solutions to problems that require a total re-evaluation and radical change. These days, piecemeal reforms are all our government seems capable of legislating--especially given the current lack of an inspirational, visionary, intelligent President in the White House to help lead the way.

NY Times subscribers can read "Good Intentions, Bad Policy" here.

Non-NYT Subscribers can view a reprint of Brook's op ed here.

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