Thursday, October 26, 2006

Protect The Ballot On Nov. 7!

Watch this PSA from Video the Vote and learn how you can help document voter suppression and protect democracy.

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  • Jason Leopold: Severe Election Problems Seen in 10 States
    "A nonpartisan organization tracking election reform across the United States released a report Wednesday warning that 10 states are likely to experience severe problems on November 7 because of electronic voting machines and new voter identification laws that could call into question the results of some races.

    "The November 7 election promises to bring more of what voters have come to expect since the 2000 election - a divided body politic, an election system in flux and the possibility - if not certainty - of problems at polls nationwide," the report says. issued a 75-page report, "Election Preview 2006: What's Changed, What Hasn't, and Why," which claims that a handful of the midterm election's hotly contested campaigns in states such as Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Florida and Indiana may face particular trouble because of the transition to electronic voting machines. The machines have been proven unreliable in choosing the right candidate, as demonstrated by numerous tests cases in the years that the machines have replaced paper ballots...."
  • The Unknown Candidate: No Wonder Bush isn't Worried ....

  • Another Stolen Election Headed Our Way? We Talked with Mark Crispin Miller About What Voters Can Do to Prevent It

  • Pull the Plug on E-Voting

  • AlterNet: A Candidate Who Hears Our Election Systems' SoS
    "Democrat Mark Ritchie is one of a handful of hero candidates running for Secretary of State across America who will do everything to make sure voters have the best democracy possible."

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