Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Our Negligent Nightly News

No Joke: Study Finds "The Daily Show" as Substantive as Network News

"So which was a better program to watch during the last presidential election for campaign information, the evening news or "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart?" An� academic study� published last week reports that "The Daily Show" had as much substantive political content covering the 2004 campaign as did the national network evening news. But the real take-away from the study shouldn't be "it's great that 'The Daily Show' is so politically substantial" but �that the network news producers should be downright ashamed of themselves for putting out such a shoddy product...."
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Photo credit: John Stewart. (Norman Jean Roy/Comedy Central/Press Central)

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unknown candidate's conscience said...

I agree 10/11%, My 'na'UNKle!
(if j'your 'still' there!)

IyAM...Well, I din't/don't 'think' IyAM 'The Daily Show's' TargetAudienceAgeGroup...
But, I found 'The' (news/comedy/news)
'Show of Shows' MUCH MORE 'Accurate' and 'On Point', with regard to the 'actual' News Reportying.
Plus, IT was/IS so 'Hilly/Billy-Larry-U.S.'!
The 'Cabal' and 'Net'-'Worked' News Shows 'Attwempt' at Mixing
'News'+'Entertainment'='BUllSHiiiTe. Their...Effortz to Raise Ratings by 'Resorting' to Info-TaintMent?!? FailzMiseribly/and/FallsWayShort!?!
My NEWS,(as such), 'meaning', as 'NEWS REPORTS', [Reported, 'Clean, Clear, and Concise'], Period!
NOT...'Commentary/and/OpEdz' and 'My' Comedy Shows, left to 'My' Own Discretion. Sad to say thadt IS NO LONGER THE CASE!
Showing 'My' Age, AyeGain, I Guess.
RE-Energized 'Demon' DemoCratzS...
WhipUpOn 'those' Pre-Verted 'God' Obsessed NeoConn'Ed=REPooper'Licans!"


Peace Be With...
'Walk the Walk'
with God!
NOT 'Talk the Talk',
Yunnz Guys!?!