Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fed Up With Everybody

I was about to post a diatribe about my disgust with the President, the media, the lies, the propaganda, the voting problems, the -- well, you know -- when suddenly Blogger goes down, for about the tenth time, preventing me from 'defusing by blogging' or, at least, from posting Bob Herbert's latest, which reflects my sentiments exactly.

Blogger is still as unstable as my temper, so I'll attempt to post this while I can:

Fed Up With Everybody
By Bob Herbert
The New York Times

Non-TimesSelect subscribers, 'Welcome to Pottersville' has provided a reprint here.

"The overwhelming sense I took away from interviews with voters in and around South Bend was a feeling of disillusionment with government. Republicans and Democrats spoke sourly about the Bush administration, but no one expected dramatic changes if the Democrats gained control of one or both houses of Congress. 'People say the Democrats are weak, and frankly, I think they are,' said Vernon DeWitt, who recently moved to Mishawaka from St. Louis. 'Im fed up with everybody.'”
Photo credit: Bob Herbert. (The New York Times)

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