Sunday, December 04, 2005

What a Hoot: ‘Iraqis want Saddam to run for election’

'Iraqis want Saddam to run for election'
Daily Times

Stranger things have happened. And can you blame Iraqi's for preferring Saddam's dictatorship over America's occupation? Under Saddam, the Iraqi's had security, schools, hospitals, services, and jobs. Under the U.S., they are blessed with unending war, death, terrorism, corruption, inflation, constant fear, an American sponsored "puppet" government charading as "democracy," no jobs, no basic services like electricity and water, and not enough food.

Which would you pick?

"AMMAN: Iraqis have asked Saddam Hussein’s defence team to mull the possibility of fielding the ousted dictator as a candidate for future elections, one of his lawyers said in remarks published on Wednesday.

“Iraqis have asked the defence team to study the legal conditions to present Saddam Hussein as a candidate for elections, first as an MP then as president,” Jordan’s Al-Dustour daily quoted former Qatari justice minister Najib al-Nuaimi as saying....

Asked by AFP about Nuaimi’s reported remarks, Ghazzawi said: 'As we were leaving Iraq on Tuesday ordinary Iraqis at the airport approached us saying they wished that Saddam would return (as president).'

'These Iraqis said ‘we have lost security after Saddam, how we wish he would return’,' Ghazzawi said." More

PHOTO: Daily Times

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