Monday, December 12, 2005

Fitzgerald CIA Leak Investigation: Update

What Viveca Novak Told Fitzgerald
By Viveca Novak
Time Magazine

In her own words, Viveca Novak explains her role: What Viveca Novak Told Fitzgerald -- By Viveca Novak-- Dec. 19, 2005

Woodward, Mitchell and Tucker's CIA investigation scam!
By John Amato
Huffington Post

Right after Scooter Libby was indicted, Bob Woodward, Andrea Mitchell and Tucker Carlson were publicly reporting that the CIA had made an investigation to see if the Valerie Plame leak caused any damage. But was there a CIA investigation? John Amato reveals the good 'ol incredibly incredible press spinning and scamming with typical talk-show inaccuracies:

The Blog | John Amato: Woodward, Mitchell and Tucker's CIA investigation scam! | The Huffington Post

Grokking Woodward
By Jay Rosen
Huffington Post

Jay Rosen delves into the psyche of Bob Woodward as it relates to his motivations, actions and role in Plamegate. Very interesting stuff about Woodward being blind to the truth by virtue of too close an association with sources. Most interesting was this from ex-wife Nora Ephron:
"'It’s hard to sit by and watch the man be unjustly attacked by people who don’t understand the most fundamental truths about him,' she wrote. The fundamental things that to her apply:

* Woodward doesn't lie or make things up.
* True, he can't see the forest for the trees ('That’s why people love to talk to him; he almost never puts the pieces together in a way that hurts his sources.')
* His professional life is not like anyone else's professional life (Tina Brown says it's the weirdness of being a 'human brand.')
* If you don't talk to Bob you'll regret it. (That's power.)
* He's so far inside he could easily miss the story, just as the beat reporters covering the Nixon White House missed the story of Watergate, giving the younger Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein their chance."
Read more: The Blog | Jay Rosen: Grokking Woodward | The Huffington Post

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