Thursday, December 08, 2005

ACTION ALERT: Support the Employee Free Choice Act

To commemorate International Human Rights Day, please watch this flash movie from American Rights At Work:
15,000 Workers -- Support the Employee Free Choice Act

Every day in the United States, workers' rights are violated. Every day. Respecting workers' rights as human rights has never been more important to our families and our world as it is today.

Afterward, be sure to share this movie with your friends so they can learn more about what’s happening to America’s workers: Tell-A-Friend: Workers Need the Employee Free Choice Act


What Women Want --- What Men Need said...

Sharing is not a human instinct. Freud taught us that with his id, ego and superego theory.

The Unknown Candidate said...

And your point is? Man has the ability to use his reason to control his primal instincts. Because Freud (all of whose theories, by the way, are not accepted universally or by this writer) says sharing is not human instinct, we should all live our lives selfishly? Great. One thing's for sure, we don't need any more self-centered messages -- the government puts them out daily in word and action. I choose to fight the baser instincts of man and his governments. What you do, is your choice. I feel sorry for you.