Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Democrats Fear Backlash at Polls for Antiwar Remarks

Democrats Fear Backlash at Polls for Antiwar Remarks
By Jim VandeHei and Shalaigh Murray
Washington Post

OK, tirade coming:

Democrats are "fearful" of a backlash at the polls? Who the heck cares??!

When, oh when, will these idiotic politicians stop playing politics long enough to actually think about what is RIGHT? THIS is why the democrats never win. THIS is why they are afraid of the word "liberal"--heck they're afraid of everything!

Republicans. Democrats. There's no difference. All they can think about is how to strategize a win--for their next election--not for their policies or their constituents.

What have ANY of them done for us lately? Do ANY of them deserve our votes? Or their cushy salaries, health care and retirement plans that WE pay for--when we can barely make ends meet or afford healthcare for our own families?

WHEN, people? WHEN will we all start to wise up and vote these self-serving sycophants out of office? (Before I get TOO far off the cliff here, let me say there are a handful of good congressmen and women out there--they know who they are, and you know who they are, and I'm not talking about them.)

LISTEN UP DEMS. READ MY LIPS: WE WANT THIS WAR ENDED-RESPONSIBLY AND ASAP! We could care less about your chances of reelection--because you've done NOTHING to MAKE us care.


See, if you do things that are good for your country and for your constituents, then YOU will EASILY win your next election. (Unless, of course, you fail to pass meaningful election and voting reform--then everythings up for grabs.) If, on the other hand, you sit around playing political strategy games--you WON'T get our votes.

Pretty easy concept, huh, guys?

So why don't you DO YOUR JOBS?

Can you sense I'm a wee bit frustrated? I get like this -- lately, about every 15 minutes or so. The frustration overtakes me more frequently as time goes on and things never seem to get any better. People are beginning to think I'm bi-polar. Just watching Wolf Blitzer on CNN can make my blood pressure rise 200 points. Not good, I know.

I'll go lie down for a while. Put my head in a nice plastic bag and breathe. Maybe that will make me feel better. Ya think?

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