Thursday, May 18, 2006

Make Every Home a Generator

Good things can happen when smart people put on their thinking caps in an effort to solve big problems. A case in point comes from Ron Dembo over at The Huffington Post.

Dembo's turn-the-energy-crisis-on-its-head approach is brilliant. Too bad we don't have a President with the same kind of pro-active, problem-solving abilities who could take this kind of thinking and turn it into reality. Oops. Forgot. They don't do 'reality' in Bush Land.

Must read: The Blog | Ron Dembo: Make Every Home a Generator | The Huffington Post

Ron Dembo: Bio:

Dr. Dembo is one of the world's leading authorities in risk management. He was the founder and former CEO and President of Algorithmics Incorporated, growing it from a startup to the largest enterprise risk management software company in the world, with offices in fifteen countries and over half of the world's top banks as clients. Prior to starting algorithmics, he led a distinguished academic career at yale university where he was cross appointed in Computer science and the Yale school of management. Dr. Dembo has published over sixty technical papers on finance and mathematical optimization and holds a number of patents in computational finance. As founder and CEO of, a new media not-for-profit working toward environmental sustainability, Dembo is applying his expertise in risk to design solutions to help solve the current environmental crisis we face. His most recent book, co-authored wth Daniel Stoffman, Upside Downside: simple rules of risk management for the smart investor was released in March 2006 by Random House.
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