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The next few days are critical to stopping Alito's confirmation to the Supreme Court!

At the Judiciary Committee hearings last week, Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito tried hard to distance himself from his extreme record. But when asked what kind of Supreme Court Justice he would be, Alito answered: "I'll be the same [judge] that I was on the Court of Appeals." That's the problem.

If confirmed, Alito would be the same judge who almost always ruled against African Americans in employment discrimination cases. The same judge who argued against individual rights more than 80% of the time. The same judge who voted to uphold the strip search of a 10 year-old girl. And the same judge who denied state employees remedies for violations of their right to medical leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

As the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Executive Director Wade Henderson observed, "In what he said and what he failed to say, Alito confirmed our worst fears about the kind of Supreme Court Justice he would be."

Senate Democrats are meeting today to discuss the Alito nomination -- and senators of both parties are beginning to stake out their positions on this important nomination. The next 24 hours are critical. Your senators must hear from you TODAY!

Take action! Call your senators today at (202) 224-3121 and urge them to do everything they can to stop Alito's confirmation!

Americans know (and more than 85 national organizations agree) that Alito is the wrong choice to protect and guarantee the rights and freedoms of all Americans. We know that this is a fight to defend and protect the civil rights and fundamental freedoms for which we have fought so long and hard. We know that NOW is the time to act!

Call your senators today ((202) 224-3121) and urge them to do everything within their power to stop Alito's confirmation to the nation's highest court.

After you have called your senators and watched the ad, forward this alert (click on e-mail link at bottom of this post) to your friends and colleagues and ask them to do the same!

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