Thursday, January 19, 2006

No to Alito Filibuster? No to Your Re-election, Senator.

Senate Democrats said Wednesday, after a strategy meeting, that most members seem to be opposed to Samuel Alito's confirmation as a Supreme Court Justice but that a filibuster was "unlikely."

This is, in my humble opinion, shameful. How can anything other than a filibuster be considered, given the blatant anti-privacy, pro-corporate, pro-expansion-of-presidential-power-with-no-accountability, anti-abortion, anti-little guy, judicial record of this nominee?

Unfortunately, the Dems are still the guttless wonders and facilitators of Bush World.

Any senator who does not fight the Alito confirmation with EVERY TOOL AT HIS DISPOSAL does not deserve to be re-elected. I don't care what else he has done in his Senatorial career, good or bad.

If Alito is confirmed, any challenge to this administration's illegal activities will most probably never occur--which, of course, is why the administration nominated him.

Once Alito is in, they know they are assured of no accountability for their illegal actions. The balance of power will have been irreparably upset. They will have won. And we, the people, will have lost literally everything--our democratic system of government included.

If the Democrats either can't see that, or, worse, see it and won't do everything in their power to fight Alito's confirmation--they are nothing less than facilitating the demise of our system of government--the death of our democracy--and hopefully, the death of the current Democratic party as well, since it will have been rendered completely ineffectual. They will be condoning, by their lack of action, this administration's illegal power grab--at the expense of every citizen. This is unacceptable.

We demand a filibuster. We will accept nothing less.

The time has come again and again for the Democrats to fight for what is right. Time and again they have failed to do so. By doing nothing they are negating their own power and OUR power -- for at least the next 40 years.

Are we willing to stand by and allow that to happen? I, for one, am not. It's Strike-3-You're-Out-Time.

I have written and called my Senators and told them as much. I strongly urge you to do the same.

Since the main concern of most congressmen and women seems to be whether or not they will be re-elected, be sure to tell them, loudly and clearly, that you will NOT vote for them if they do not demand a filibuster.

Call your senators today (202) 224-3121 and urge them to do everything within their power to stop Alito's confirmation to the nation's highest court.

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Anonymous said...

you're a disgruntled liberal moron who can't even begin to formulate an intelligent argument beyond "Impeach Bush!".

Thankfully, its people like you who turn off the average American and persuade them to vote conservative. So keep screaming incoherently, you;re doing a bang-up job.

The Unknown Candidate said...

Thank you, anonymous, for proving a point I make often: name calling by the right wing does not equate to facts. It does indicate that you have no way to refute the facts other than by resorting to the ineffectual tactics of a child.

Your comment, by the way, has nothing to do with this post, which is about opposing Alito, not impeachment. Perhaps you never learned to read?

As for my turning off the average American and persuading them to vote conservative, the facts indicate otherwise. I suggest you take a look at recent polls.

Finally, since you characterize me as "a disgruntled liberal moron who can't even begin to formulate an intelligent argument," I assume your post is an example of what you call "an intelligent argument?"

Which part is the "intelligent" part? And what, exactly, is the argument?