Thursday, January 19, 2006

Look who Popped Up to Get Our Minds Off BushCo's Illegal Spying!

How very convenient. Just when hearings into the government's illegal prying into our private affairs are about to begin on Capital Hill, Osama pops up!-- like a well trained Weasil in a Jack in the Box--to change the subject. And the media dutifully complies by broadcasting for the entire day--ad infinitum--old pictures and videotapes of bin Laden, snippets of the translation of his current audio release, and a veritable guessing game with sundry "experts" and "not-so-experts" chirping up with their bird-brain responses to "What did bin Laden mean?!"

And they call this "The news."

Translation of Alleged Bin Laden Tape

The following is a CBS News translation of an audiotape — purportedly of Osama bin Laden — broadcast on Arabic television station al-Jazeera.
The message of mine to you is about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and how to end it.

I did not have the intention to speak to you about this issue, because it is a forgone conclusion to us. Iron is only blunted with iron. Our situation is with the grace of Allah from good to better and your situation is the opposite of this.

However, what prompted me to speak is the repeated deceptions of your president Bush.

In respect of his comment on the opinion polls in America, which alluded to the fact that the overwhelming majority amongst you are in favor of withdrawing the troops from Iraq. However, he objected to this wish and said that the withdrawal of troops would send the wrong message to the enemies … and that it would be better to fight them in their own lands, rather than to have them fight us on our own lands.

And in my response to these deceptions I say: Indeed the war in Iraq is ablaze relentlessly and the operations in Afghanistan are on constant escalation in our favor, with the grace of Allah. The figures released by the Pentagon indicate an increase in the number of your dead and injured, in addition to the tremendous material losses.

Just to reiterate, I say: the result of the survey does satisfy the wise people; and the objection of Bush to them is wrong.

Anyone can testify that the war against America and her allies is no longer confined to Iraq as he claims. Iraq has rather become a point of preparation and mobilization of the qualified capabilities.

On the other hand, the Mujahideen have with the grace of Allah succeeded in breaking through all the security measures undertaken by the transgressing nations time after time, and the evidence for this is what you saw in terms of explosions in the most important capitals of the countries within this belligerent alliance.

As for the delay in carrying out similar operations in America, this was not because of a failure in breaking through your security measures. The operations are being prepared and you will see them in your own backyard as soon as they are ready with the leave of Allah.

Photo: (CBS/AP)

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