Monday, November 06, 2006

Top 10 Election Falsehoods, Myths and Talking Points

Conservative Misinformation and Coverage of the 2006 Midterm Elections

Washington, DC - With the midterm elections only one day away, the increasing media coverage has carried with it an onslaught of conservative misinformation. Media Matters for America has compiled some of the more common examples of the top falsehoods, myths and Republican and conservative talking points.

Ranging from baselessly claiming the American public favors Republicans on national security, taxes and fiscal responsibility, to the myth that the Democrats, if they win the majority in the House, will drown the Bush administration with investigations, many in the media have uncritically reported on many issues surrounding the elections and touted many false conservative talking points.

Top 10 Election Falsehoods, Myths and Talking Points:
  1. American voters favor Republicans on national security.

  2. The public favors Republicans on the issues of taxes and fiscal responsibility.

  3. Republicans had the "Contract with America" in 1994 to power their victory, but Democrats in 2006 have no agenda.

  4. Terrorists want the Democrats to win.

  5. Even if Americans don't approve of the job Bush is doing, they like him personally.

  6. Once a "pro-Bush" state, always a "pro-Bush" state.

  7. Democrats will drown the Bush administration in investigations.

  8. A Democratic takeover of the House would put extreme liberals in leadership positions.

  9. Kuo's claims regarding White House's real views of religious conservatives have no precedent.

  10. Republicans and Democrats both equally guilty of "dirty tricks."
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