Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ya Can't Keep a Bad Man Down

Disgraced but not out--That's Tom "Keep-Smiling-for-Your-Mug-Shot" DeLay.

Rep. Tom DeLay, in his first election since he was indicted and forced out of his majority leader position, won the GOP nomination to the House on Tuesday, handily fending off three Republican challengers.

So what's up with the Republicans who voted for him? Too much Texas dust on the brain? Too much promised payola from Tommy-boy? Too many hacked black boxes sending all votes Delay's way? What?

I always thought the Dems had a death wish. Now it looks like the Rupublicans have answered the suicide call. It's gonna be fun watching them drown in their own foul-smelling swamp of sleazy corruption. Just keep resurrecting these anti-Christ grease balls and trying to sell them as messiahs, guys.

Of course if the black box voting machines don't have paper trails and aren't secured against fraud by election time... anything goes. That's democracy in Bush World!

Photo: Public Citizen protests DeLay fundraiser, November 2005.

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