Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Let's All Play "Search for WMD" or ....

What are they up to this time? A new kind of diversionary tactic to get us all out of their hair? (We spend useless hours culling through old papers to some inane end, so we quit paying attention to and blogging about their current bungling and mischief--yee haw!)

Or Maybe they think we're getting bored with all their propaganda news stories and could use a whole new kind of meaningless entertainment? I dunno. I give.

Whatever the reason, our pals in DC-Land have suddenly decided it would be a grand time to put millions of declassified Iraqi Documents on the web so we can all play detective (woo hoo!) and find--they hope, they hope!--some missing piece of information proving something or other about iraq's WMD's or ties to Al Qaeda or some other such nonsense.

Doesn't that sound insanely fun?

Or maybe just...insane.

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