Thursday, March 16, 2006

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Voice Prompting Bush?

Could it be true? Is this finally proof that we're not all crazy? Proof that that little black box protruding from under the back of Bush's suit coat isn't some obscure medical paraphernalia--but is there, as we all suspected, to save his political life?

Thanks once again to Rimone, of D A T E L I N E : B R I S T O L for pointing me to this Fox News press conference of Bush and Chirac in France.

Both Bush's voice and the voice on the tape (which sounds like pre-recorded Bush) were reportedly captured by camera audio equipment. Bush mimics every aspect of the pre-recorded version--words, intonations, pauses.

At one point, because he parrots the pre-recorded voice so accurately, I thought it was merely some sort of bizarre reverse-echo audio glitch or strange satellite delay and not proof of his being "fed" lines. But when I listened a second time, I noticed that there were some slight inconsistencies between the two versions--a word dropped here, a slight difference there.

Have a listen here, and see for yourself. Then share your thoughts.

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