Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Demand Allard Apology

From Progress Now Action:

Yesterday, in an interview with Clear Channel Denver’s Roger Hudson and Fox News Radio, Senator Wayne Allard (R-CO) accused Senator Russ Feingold (D - WI) of "[siding] with terrorists" by introducing a resolution to censure George Bush.

Senator Feingold's censure resolution seeks to hold the President accountable for authorizing a domestic spying program that clearly violates federal law and for lying to Congress and the American people about the program's existence and its legality.

To question Senator Feingold's patriotism and suggest that he is "siding with terrorists" by seeking to hold President Bush accountable for violating federal law is despicable. Join us in demanding that Senator Allard apologize publicly:


Please [e-mail, link to this post, and invite others] to join in demanding an apology. We'll share the demand letter and list of signers with Senator Allard and with state and national media.

Thank you!

Bobby Clark
Deputy Director

P.S. Thanks to Jay Marvin of AM760 for first calling on Allard to apologize. Click on the following link to hear an AM760 audio clip of Allard's attack on Senator Feingold: http://www.ProgressNowAction.org/AllardAudio

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Photo: Senator Wayne Allard (Fort Collings Science Center)

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