Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why Vote For Obama?

  1. Spread the Wealth? Soak the Rich?:
    "�For those who voice doubts about Barack Obama and some of his less progressive policy advisers, please take heart from the way he has defended his plan to cut taxes for the vast majority while raising them for families making over $250,000. Who should pay what for the costs of government raises the most basic issues of fairness. But who pays also determines whether we rebuild our economy from the bottom up, as Obama promises, or continue to wait in vain for good jobs and decent wages to trickle down from John McCain's friends at the top...."
  2. The 10 Biggest Differences Between Obama and McCain That Will Affect Your Daily Life | AlterNet:
    "The next president will influence everything from your Internet access to your ability to pay medical bills...."
  3. Obama Tax Calculator:
    Calculate how Obama's Tax Policies will impact YOU
  4. Guest column: Record belies rhetoric for 'fiscal conservatives' | The Des Moines Register:
    "The Bush administration's deficits have undermined confidence in the financial markets, contributing somewhat to the present crisis. To put this into perspective:


    1. Which recent president generated the highest budget deficits as a portion of gross domestic product?

    2. Who was the only recent president to decrease government expenditure as a portion of GDP?


    a. Ronald Reagan

    b. George H.W. Bush

    c. Bill Clinton

    d. George W. Bush"
  5. Truthdig | Communication Scholars Call McCain Campaign Unethical: "
    A group of top American communication professors have crafted and signed a statement calling on the McCain campaign, primarily, to stop its negative campaigning. “The purposeful dissemination of messages that a communicator knows to be false and inflammatory is unethical. It is that simple,” the statement says."
  6. League of Conservation Voters | John McCain Wrong on Clean Energy:
    "John McCain has spent his career voting against clean energy solutions while supporting billions in subsidies for Big Oil...."
  7. Incoherence | TIME
    "John McCain had a fabulously loony weekend, flipping out charges and attacks like a mud tornado. The truly remarkable thing about McCain's attacks, especially on Obama's economic policies, is that McCain, in each case, is "guilty" of supporting some version of the policies he's attacking..."

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