Friday, October 10, 2008

Who Is Cindy McCain?

Someone lacking ethics and honesty.

Cindy McCain Kept Keating Partnership After Scandal:
"Sen. John McCain's wife and father-in-law continued a lucrative business partnership with disgraced financier Charles H. Keating Jr. for 11 years after the GOP presidential nominee said he ended his close friendship with Keating in March 1987.

Cindy McCain's business partnership with Keating in a real-estate development between 1986 and 1998 netted her a tidy profit, in addition to years of significant tax benefits. Her father, who died in 2000, earned similar returns...."
Every day, it becomes more apparent that John McCain is part of the problem, not the solution to our current economic crisis. Every day, he continues to try to bring down Barack Obama with lies and distortions directed at both his policies and his character. Every day it becomes apparent that John McCain's attempts to divide us in a time of crisis is the exact opposite of what this country needs.

Photo credit: Cindy McCain. (Huffington Post)

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