Sunday, October 26, 2008

Battleground Voices for Obama

Compelling stuff. Watch:


Darrel Hanschen

In Jackson, Missouri we meet a pharmacist running a small business. His name is Darrell Hanschen and he is living the american dream. However, he feels that dream might come to an end if something doesn't change.

He says, "I see it everyday, I can't run and hide like the doctors... If something doesn't change, there's going to be a lot of people sick. Let's get somebody in there who cares about the person that walks the streets of Jackson. Somebody who actually Cares."


Dana Snodgrass

Dana Snodgrass understands how Republicans think. He owns an autobody shop in Joplin and runs a small 200 acre farm near Web City with his son Kyle. Like many local business people, Dana is concerned about the movement of jobs to foreign countries and the persistence of low wages in the area. Dana explains how the usual core “values” of guns, religion and abortion are being trumped by concerns about the economy, and why Missourians should vote now for Barack Obama.


Barclay Hastings

Barclay Hastings is a veteran from Columbus Ohio. He loves the people of Ohio.

In 2000 he would have voted for McCain, but he wouldn't do that today. Barack Obama is the type of leader that "comes once in a lifetime."


Sharon Houston

From Jasper County, MO we meet an antique shop owner, Sharon Houston, raised republican and always voted republican. This year she is voting for Democratic Senator Barack Obama. She is tired of the greed, cheating and lies. American people need to get back to the basics and their spirit right and move on and believes Obama's spirit is right.


Jack Moore

81 year old Jack Moore is from Nixa Missouri. He is a World War 2 veteran that served in the US Navy.

Jack is a gun lover and treasures his father's hunting rifles. He knows that "Barack won't take his guns away."


Keith Howell

Keith Howell from Fallon Nevada owns a rock crushing equipment repair business with his wife and son. His small business is among the first to feel the economic downturn because as he puts it, if they're not building houses, their not pouring concrete and if they're not pouring concrete, there is no need for crushed rock, and if they're not crushing rock, the machines don't break and they don't need me.

Keith's informed and energetic monolog on Obama's alternative energy plan lays out how Nevada stands to gain substantially because it is in fact not only a step in the right direction environmentally but also serves as a job-creating-path out of the current economic crisis, and creates a sustainable energy plan that is clean as well as American, keeping dollars from going overseas.


Joan McKinney

Joan McKinney is from Columbus, Ohio. She is a small business owner who does tradeshow exhibits. Joan is an Ohio State alumni - and has "a real love for the Buckeyes." As a small business owner he does everything from freight to the dishes.

Her biggest challenge is responsibility for her employee's healthcare. She was encouraged by Barack's possibility to cover 50% of her employee's healthcare.


Darrell Hanschen

We meet Darrell in Jackson, Missouri again where he shares with us another story. Darrell tells us he sees Barack reaching into places that he never thought would ever cross his mind.

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