Monday, April 07, 2008

To Our "Winter Soldiers"

My heart broke today
From the sounds of pounding ammunition and gun fire
In the form of raging words once weakened,
Muted by uniforms and camouflage,
Pinned to taut skin
Flooded by memories of crimson puddles,
Charred flesh ….
And I cried, my brothers, I cried
Pools of salty tears, evaporating
At the bases of magazine stands—
Colorful covers and elusive models,
All knowing, all-telling.
But where are you, brothers, where are you?
My sisters were silent,
Their chords severed by the unknown force
That drives the machine, peddle-less.
March in line!
Hear the voices bark commands!
Watch as the cities fall!
The whispers from your lips
Grip my bones and shake them violently.
Forever altered, forever dismembered—
Begging for attention, admission,
All leading and weaving through paragraphs
And powerful pauses.
The absence a sure sign,
The shattered pieces of innocence
Sprinkled across tattered flags.
By JoAnna Michaels
© 2008 (Posted with permission from author).

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