Monday, April 07, 2008

The Audacity of 'Billary'

Hillary's Hatchet Campaign continues on it's way, arrogantly slashing away at anyone in her path. If this is the change America is seeking -- more lies, smears, and corruption perpetrated by a candidate who changes her positions on the issues based on her assessment of what will garnish the most votes at a particular moment in time -- if that's the "change you seek, vote for her.

Just don't be surprised when she and Billy-boy are happily ensconced in the White House and fail to deliver on each and every campaign over-promise.
  • Hillary or Nobody? | New York Times
    Maureen Dowd writes: "...Some top Democrats are increasingly worried that the Clintons’ divide-and-conquer strategy is nihilistic: Hillary or no democrat...."
  • AlterNet: The Top 10 Myths Keeping Hillary in the Race:
    "Here are ten enduring, kudzu-like myths about the state of the Democratic nomination race, with the debunking they sorely need."
  • Hillary's Flimsy Case for the Nomination | AlterNet:
    "Addressing the myth that Hillary's chances are better in the battleground states, and other frequently asked questions from the campaign trail...."
  • Superdelegates Hiding from Wrath of Clintons | AlterNet:
    "I'm not sure at this point if there are any Clinton friends who they aren't willing to vilify or toss under the bus for political gain...."
  • Bill Clinton Stuns Superdelegates with Angry Tirade Behind Closed Doors | AlterNet
    "Take it with a grain of salt, since it's anonymous, but wow...."
  • Steve Weissman | When the Clintons Mine Big Bucks
    Steve Weissman writes for about the relationship of Canadian mining mogul Frank Giustra with the Clintons:
    "Giustra and his agenda should rank among the major issues in the Democratic primary. They do not, mostly because the Obama campaign has so far failed to question the newfound Clinton riches, both in the family coffers and the William J. Clinton Foundation. I suspect the Illinois senator will raise the issue in the run-up to the Pennsylvania primary on April 22."
  • Hillary Counting on Gullible Voters:
    "...The Clintons' entire approach to this campaign season was based on learning the wrong lessons from their political history. They survived the Lewinsky imbroglio, the pardons scandal, and the theft of White House gifts and assumed they were bulletproof.

    They confused our forgiveness with gullibility and came to feel that they could get away with anything. When Hillary won her Senate seat in New York, after Giuliani dropped out and Lazio could offer only nominal opposition, she believed she could sell voters any kind of chimera and they would fall for it.

    But she assumed wrong. We saw through her claims of experience and followed her twists and turns on Iraq. We realized that she was being propped up by lobbyists and special interests as a phony brand of change. And when we saw the real kind of change offered by Obama, we backed his candidacy."
  • Clinton Aide Met on Columbian Free Trade Deal |
    "Hillary Clinton's chief campaign strategist met with Colombia's ambassador to the U.S. on Monday to discuss a bilateral free-trade agreement, a pact the presidential candidate opposes.

    Attendance by the adviser, Mark Penn, was confirmed by two Colombian officials. He wasn't there in his campaign role, but in his separate job as chief executive of Burson-Marsteller Worldwide, an international communications and lobbying firm. The firm has a contract with the South American nation to promote congressional approval of the trade deal, among other things, according to filings with the Justice Department...."
  • Clinton Superdelegate Lead Nearly Erased | AlterNet:
    "It appears that Obama is imminently poised to take the superdelegate lead even before Pennsylvania...."
  • Clintons Made $109 Million in Last 8 Years | New York Times
    "...since Mrs. Clinton announced her campaign for president, controversies involving her husband’s business and philanthropic endeavors have occasionally raised questions about the potential for ethical conflicts should she win the White House. Among them is Mr. Clinton’s partnership with Ronald W. Burkle, the billionaire investor and supermarket magnate, whose deals have included investing money for the government of Dubai and acquiring a stake in a Chinese media company....

    ...The Clintons took a tax deduction in 2004 for $2.5 million in charitable gifts, $2 million of which went to their family foundation, which as a tax-exempt nonprofit is considered a charity under the tax code. That same year, the foundation gave away just $221,000 to charitable groups, according to its tax return...."
  • What Did Bill Clinton Do To Get $15M From Ron Burkle? | The Huffington Post
    "...Burkle and Yucaipa have been involved in a number of controversies that have reportedly prompted concerns in Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign that her bid might be damaged by resulting adverse publicity.

    Bill Clinton was, according to sources close to both Burkle and Clinton, deeply angered by a September 26, 2007, front page Wall Street Journal article detailing some of Yucaipa's questionable dealings. The story, which broke on the same day that heads of state and business leaders convened in New York to discuss the Clinton Global Initiative, described plans to invest millions of dollars in a venture to buy up Catholic Church property.

    Clinton, according to aides, intends to sever his financial ties with Burkle, although he may do so only if his wife wins the nomination, an increasingly unlikely prospect.:
  • Chief Strategist of Clinton Campaign Steps Down | New York Times:
    "ALBUQUERQUE — Mark Penn, the architect of much of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign, has been replaced as the campaign’s chief strategist in the wake of revelations that he lobbied on behalf of a trade treaty with Colombia that Mrs. Clinton [supposedly] opposes...."
  • Incoming, Mrs. Clinton! | Times Union
    "...THE ISSUE: The latest distraction in the presidential race is sniper fire that never occurred.

    THE STAKES: It's one thing for Mrs. Clinton to misspeak, but quite another to mislead. It erodes her credibility."
  • Is Hillary Using "Tonya Harding Tactics" to Take Down Barack? | AlterNet
    "When Clinton sits alongside Richard Mellon Scaife on the same day her campaign distributes an article from the American Spectator, there’s a problem...."
  • Hillary's Ireland Story: Is It Experience or Just Proximity? | AlterNet
    Jill Deal believes what Hillary Clinton is doing "also demeans women like me who have built their experience ..on what they have done on their own...."
  • Hillary's Donors, Lies and Videotape | AlterNet:"
    The plot sickens...."
  • Hillary’s St. Patrick’s Day Massacre | New York Times | Frank Rich:
    "MOST politicians lie. Most people over 50, as I know all too well, misremember things. So here is the one compelling mystery still unresolved about Hillary Clinton’s Bosnia fairy tale: Why did she keep repeating this whopper for nearly three months, well after it had been publicly debunked by journalists and eyewitnesses? ..."
  • Obama-Blasting Publisher Gave Hillary Grand | Queerty:
    "Philadelphia Gay News publisher Mark Segal’s no doubt pleased with this week’s edition.

    His paper made a splash yesterday when it published both an extensive interview with Hillary Clinton and a big, blank middle finger to Barack Obama, who PGN accuses of avoiding the pink press. But an Obama interview isn’t the only thing missing from the paper...."
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