Friday, April 18, 2008

TAKE ACTION: Demand Quality Journalism

Freepress, in reaction to last night's so-called Presidential debate, is taking action. You can help:

Debate: ABC News

Watch the lowlights from last night’s debate on ABC. Sick of this junk news?

Take Action Now

"I'm outraged about last night's presidential debate on ABC, and you should be too.

ABC dedicated the entire first half of the debate to recycling the same junk news stories about the candidates' personalities and past associations that have been circulating endlessly in recent weeks.

At a time when we are facing life and death decisions about health care, war, climate change and the economy, ABC went for fluff and innuendo. No wonder so many people are misinformed or don’t pay attention to politics.

Last night made a mockery of this election and gave us a stark view of Big Media's impact on our democracy.

We have to do something. Instead of just switching channels, we need to demand better media.

Tell ABC: We Want Quality Journalism, Not Junk News

Media is the lifeblood of our democracy. But as our media falls into fewer and fewer hands, real journalism is being replaced by cheap infotainment and rank sensationalism. Newsrooms are being squeezed, foreign bureaus have been shuttered, and serious issues are simply ignored.

We can do more than just throw open the window and scream, "We're not gonna take it anymore."

Last night's debate is just a symptom of a much more serious sickness afflicting our media system. The root of this problem is bad policies that let Big Media companies like Disney -- which owns ABC -- get so big. It's up to Congress and the FCC to roll back media consolidation.

But it's moments like this that wake people up to the dire state of the media. Help spread the word.

Tell Your Friends: Support Quality Journalism

We deserve better media; we need better media. Let's hold ABC and Disney accountable -- and fight for media that we can count on."


Josh Silver

Executive Director

Free Press

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P.P.S. Missed the debate? Read Tom Shales’ review, “In Pa. Debate, the Clear Loser is ABC.”


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