Sunday, April 13, 2008

Iraq Weekly Reader

  • Petraeus's Betrayal | War on Iraq | AlterNet:
    "By undercutting the widespread support for getting out of Iraq, Petraeus did indeed betray the American public, siding with an enormously unpopular president who wants to stay the course in Iraq for personal and political reasons that run contrary to genuine national security interests. Once again, the president is passing the buck to the uniformed military to justify continuing a ludicrous imperial adventure, and the good general has dutifully performed."
  • FINANCE: U.S. Lawmakers Invested in Iraq, Afghanistan Wars:
    "U.S. lawmakers have a financial interest in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, a review of their accounts has revealed."
  • ABC News: Whom Are Our Troops Endorsing?

  • Leaked Draft Agreement Reveals Iraq End-game: Indefinite Occupation | AlterNet:
    "Not that it should come as a surprise."
  • U.S., Iraq Negotiating Security Agreements | WAPO:
    "The Bush administration is negotiating two accords with the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to replace the U.N. mandate for a multinational military presence there that expires at the end of this year." And, Paul Richter reports for The Los Angeles Times: "Senators warned Thursday that Congress would not allow the Bush administration to complete pending security agreements with Iraq without lawmakers' approval, because of concerns that the pacts would tie the hands of the next president."
  • Powell: Troops in Iraq Must Be Reduced (AP):
    "Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said Thursday that President Bush's successor will have to come to grips with the reality that the United States cannot continue to keep such large numbers of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan."
  • Truthdig | Sinking Into the Quagmire:"
    Gen. David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker’s congressional check-in about Iraq this week didn’t offer much hope for America’s overseas entanglements, and as coverage of the overseas wars wanes, the media isn’t holding politicians’ feet to the fire—or telling the real story about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan."
  • The Real News: Did Petraeus part ways with the neocons?

  • Is David Petraeus Dirty? Ted Westhusing Said So, and Then He Shot Himself | AlterNet
    "...To these commanders the only real problem was the fact that they had a deeply honorable soldier in their command that was likely to rock the cash cow. Westhusing was so bereft at the realization of his part in this breakdown in the military's code of conduct, and the atrocities carried out in America's name, that he became despondent and finally in June, 2005, he shot himself. It was called a suicide, though there have been some questions raised about it...."
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