Sunday, July 08, 2007

What Does Al Know That We Don't?


Steven Weber writes:
What does Al know that we don't?

Why, given the opportunity that's been presented to him on a silver Prius, is this man not going to run for (and win) the presidency of the United States? If ever there was a clarion call to be answered it is this one: heed the will of the majority of the people, take back the yoke Bush and his cracked team of highjackers have used to steer the country into the ground and pull the ship skyward again...."

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Alfred said...

It's much too early for Gore.
He'll emerge at the Dem Convention as a non-divisive alternative to Hillary and Obama and Edwards and whoever is still standing at the time.
He's running by not running and wisely avoiding all the petty and childish nonsense that has become the American (maybe global) tradition of spend all the money you can and keep media under control.
We should be looking instead to a good third party candidate who will break the DEM/REP system and restore a democracy or something sort of like it.

The Unknown Candidate said...

I would like to think you are correct about Gore's intentions and strategy. As for a third party candidate, I have not seen one yet that I would support over Gore. But I leave all doors open....