Monday, July 16, 2007

"New" Osama Video NOT New

I cannot help but think (pure conjecture, no proof) that the Bushies managed to get this into the medias hands in order to further fan the Al Qaeda fear flames they have been nurturing lately.

Why? To divert attention away from the real issues, of course. Namely, the fact that the war in Iraq is lost, America is less safe than before the war began, Americans want out, Americans want universal health care, Gonzales is in deep doo doo (still and again), the Tillman cover-up continues, and corruption and incompetence have become the legacy of the Bush White House. The list goes on ....

�Hot Air has the story:

“New” Osama video released; Update: Mystery solved — new video matches video shot in 2001; Update: Zawahiri directed Red Mosque jihadis? Update: It’s a re-run

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